Association of Consulting Structural Engineers NSW

How to become a Structural Engineer

A structural engineering university program will prepare students to design and test materials used in structures. Structures can include buildings, bridges, in-ground structures, footings, frameworks and space frames, including those for motor vehicles, public artworks, space vehicles, ships, airplanes, cranes, concert staging and entertainment structures. They can be composed of any structural material (the most common being concrete, structural steel, timber, aluminum and glass) including composites such as carbon fiber and novel materials.

Students will learn to apply mathematics and science to examine stress and load. In addition, students will learn about problems such as failures, safety, and environmental impact.

A graduate degree in structural engineering is needed to be a professional structural engineer. The Structural College of Engineers Australia is one of eight responsible for the learned society activities of Engineers Australia. There are a wide variety of structural engineering programs available in Australia for individual fields of study.

ACSE helps promote structural engineering as a career through the High School Program, University Lecturing and an annual University Student Scholarship