Association of Consulting Structural Engineers NSW

Hail Response

ACSE Response to Structural Damage to Warehouses

following a hail storm on 25 April 2015


On Saturday 25 April 2015 a catastrophic hail storm event in Huntingwood, Sydney lead to significant structural failures of a number of warehouse buildings in the area. The current loading codes do not adequately allow for this type of extreme and highly localised event.

For detailed information about the Hail Event
and the ACSE NSW response to it, please
read this memo

As part of the structural engineering community we should be discussing these matters with industry. If we are to be involved in assessing related matters, there are many points to take into account in developing responses to individual buildings that have collapsed.

The ACSE is interested in comments and feedback on this issue, as we begin the conversation. We plan to make submissions to Code committees and the insurance industry.

Please submit any comments or feedback here