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Structural Engineering Awards


The ACSE Structural Engineering Awards recognise and celebrate the role of NSW based Structural Engineers and their contribution to the built environment in NSW, Australia and throughout the world.

The Awards aim to highlight excellence within the NSW Structural Engineering profession, assist in promoting Structural Engineers to our peers, fellow professionals and the general public, as well as showcasing the role of Structural Engineering in a diversity of projects. 

The Awards are open to all NSW based Structural Engineering practices and professionals. Projects submitted for The Structural Engineering Awards should promote achievement, innovation and excellence in the field of Structural Engineering by demonstrating principles such as the following: 

- Creativity
- Innovation
- Sustainability
- Response to the Project Brief
- Recognition of site constraints

The awards submissions should focus on the Structural Engineering aspects of the projects and emphasise why the project should be considered as an example of excellence in Structural Engineering. The successful submissions from the 2015 category winners can be found below. 



Award for Small Projects Award presented for small projects which exhibit excellence in Structural Engineering with a construction value of less than $10m.
Award for Medium ProjectsAward presented for projects which exhibit excellence in Structural Engineering with a construction value of between $10m to $50m.
Award for Large ProjectsAward presented for large projects which exhibit excellence in Structural Engineering with a construction value of greater than $50m.

Special ProjectsAward presented for projects of any value that promote Structural Engineering in the wider community and is of a special nature.

Practices and People

Small Practice Award - Awarded to a NSW based small practice with less than 10 staff or an annual turnover of less than $2m demonstrating continued excellence in Structural Engineering.

Gold Medal Award – Awarded to a distinguished NSW based Structural Engineer, nominated by the board, to recognise an outstanding and long-term contribution to the Structural Engineering profession.


The judging panel is comprised of some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the construction engineering industry. Their collective knowledge spans a variety of specialities within the field including academia, architecture, construction, sustainability, innovation and research.


Taking place early the following year, the presentation event is a cocktail style function where the award winners are announced and certificates are presented. All submitted projects are on display. 


The award submission requires key pictures, drawings, sketches and descriptive text that demonstrate how the project fulfills the principles and intent of the award. 

Entries should concentrate on the structural engineering rather than the architectural or other aspects of the design, and the submission must include sufficient information (e.g. structural drawings and typical details) for the judges to assess the structural aspects. Entries are also encouraged to be concise.

There is a limit of 1xA3 and 5xA4 pages in addition to the entry form. Any attachments or additional information beyond this limit will not be distributed to the judges. The font is to be no smaller than 11pt and the submission should include images and technical drawings as appropriate.

The purpose of the A3 board is to give an overview of the project submitted, covering the specific structural engineering elements that makes it interesting as well as how the project promotes the structural engineering profession. This part of the submission will be displayed on the Presentation Night with all other submissions.


Submissions will close the month before the presentation event. 


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