Annual Awards

2016 Excellence in Engineering Awards

The annual ACSE Awards for Excellence in Engineering were presented at a cocktail party on Thursday 23 March 2017 at Harbour 220. There were 24 fantastic projects submitted projects and on display. Despite the rainy weather over 100 people attended the event and enjoyed a fun night that celebrated the achievements of our profession. Our panel of judges faced a challenging assessment process and their notes about the selected winners can be read below.

2016 Awards Judging Panel:

Mike Hysler – 2015 Gold Medal Winner
Prof. Brian Uy – Head of School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney
Greg Ewing – General Manager, Engineers Australia
Deb Smee – Newest ACSE member
Todd Halliday – 2017 President, ACSE NSW
Rick Piltz – ACSE Board Member

2016 Awards Winners and Judges Notes:

The most challenging category to assess this year was the Unusual Projects and it was also the category with the most submissions. The diverse range of projects meant that it was impossible to compare projects or apply a like-for-like assessment. In other categories too, the judges has to prioritise certain assessment criteria to be able to reach a decision.

What all the submissions demonstrate is that Structural Engineering is a professional to be proud of. There are complex technical issues to resolve whilst balancing community sustainability with stakeholder interests and financial drivers. Often these layers of input into the development process result in creative and progressive solutions that realise intuitive and impressive design.

Award for Unusual Projects

This category presented a fantastic range of high calibre submissions. There were 2 projects that the judges discussed at great length both with significant merits. In the end they awarded a winner and high commendation as both projects were notable and award-worthy.

Costin Roe Consulting


This project stood out from the crowd as a wonderful example of engineering that supports infrastructure rather than being architecturally led. The project demonstrates the application of good solutions and excellent use of material. The project represents significant benefit to the community and that it is important to recognise what society gains from good engineering behind the scenes. The judges felt that industrial projects rarely win awards and this submission presented an exemplary project worthy of such recognition.

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High Commendation:
Robert Bird Group

Museum Station V2

This project took place in a difficult environment with significant heritage concerns and challenges to overcome. It represents significant benefit to the community and demonstrates sustainability with the preservation of a heritage building Notably the analysis and load paths of existing structure was an interesting task as well as the lateral spread of the existing structure due to proposed works. The project demonstrates reasonably complex engineering analysis, design and sequencing.

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Award for Large Building Projects

This category also proved challenging for the judges and invited much debate. Again, there were 2 very clear leaders both with significant merits that were hard to prioritise. In order to give both projects the recognition they deserve there is a winner and a high commendation.

Taylor Thomson Whitting


This project reconciled a multitude of complex issues including heritage, rail, structural drive, challenging client and working over roads and services as well as complex high end structures. This demonstrated the applications of a diversity of engineering skills to deliver a structurally demanding project. It is a great example of sustainability in the preservation of heritage fro the community balanced with innovative contemporary features. The project also demonstrates critical sequencing and efficient design. Importantly, this project applied more structural engineering than the others in this group.

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High Commendation:
Robert Bird Group

This project had unique difficulty and overcame challenging site constraints. It is a complex and fantastic structure with great public significance. The project demonstrates clever solutions with its CFT columns. This project also demonstrated complexity in managing numerous structural challenges including foundation transfers, roof trusses and expansive spans, heavy floor loadings and working with existing roads and light rail.

Award for Medium Building Projects

This category was easier to agree on. Whilst there were other great submissions in this group for consideration, the majority of votes placed this project ahead of its competitors.

580 George Street
Taylor Thomson Whitting

The judges loved the form and the function of this technically difficult project. The project was creative and demonstrated a good response to the brief and the creativity in the design outcome was interesting. It uses advanced steel engineering and the project was“a fabricators nightmare”! It showed reasonably complex layout and architectural design. The use of 3D modelling and sharing 3D information on this project was critical.

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Award For Small Building Projects

This project was a stand out winner in this group and was almost unanimously agreed by our judging panel.

Manly House

This is a small project that covered a lot of ground! It demonstrated considerable innovation to deliver an fantastic end result. In particular the judges were impressed by its initiative and its use of curved concrete and its overall stability.  The project particularly compliments its coastal environment.

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Gold Medal Award

Harry Partridge is the Founding Director of Partridge Engineering, retired in 2016 after enjoying 48 years of a fascinating and diverse career.

Harry’s passion for sculpture, art and culture reflects in a belief that Engineering is highly creative. This is manifest through the Partridge Events side of the practice, which consults to the arts and entertainment industries. He has developed a design approach and philosophy for Partridge Engineering that includes maintaining a high standard of ethics, engineering design and documentation.

Currently he is the Technical Director of Culture Capital, a consultancy delivering creative development through art strategy.

Gold Medal Harry

Awards Presentation Night