Association of Consulting Structural Engineers NSW

ACSE NSW Strategic Plan 2016



To continue and grow the ACSE's representation, promotion and enhancement of the Structural Engineering profession in NSW.

The Board of Directors reviewed and updated the Association's Plan-on-a-Page in August 2016





Provide vale to our Members

Ensure that our current members are able to benefit for their membership of the association. Ensure there are transparent avenues for feedback and improvement.

Continued Professional Development

Provide our members and the structural engineering profession as a whole with relevant technical and commercial development events, forums and presentations.

Monthly Public Seminar

Provide a regular free event for technical and social interaction between members of the engineering profession in NSW. This event should promote excellence in Structural Engineering.

Work with like-minded bodies

Develop mutually beneficial relationships with Professional Engineering bodies both nationally and Internationally. Use these relationships to leverage the quality of our Learning and Events.

Expand new membership categories

Develop our strategies for new membership over the long term.

Practice notes

Continue to provide guidance on best practices within our industry and to reinforce our approach as a profession to provide an expectation of a benchmarked level of engineering service.

Members Seminars

Provide relevant seminars on member driven topics to our institution members.

Federal & State legislation

Provide feedback on behalf of the industry to Legislation that has an impact on Structural Engineering and the Construction Industry.

Build young participation

Continue to encourage younger members of the structural engineering profession to participate and attend our events. Provide a path for these members to become full members and show the value of the membership.

University – Lecture Program

Provide our members to the local technical institutions to encourage the structural engineering profession and to provide guidance and education to the next generation of structural engineers as part of their formal training.

Social Events

Provide and develop events to allow our members and their firms a platform to interact with other structural engineers and professionals.

Work with Industry

Develop links with professional bodies within the construction industry to promote collaboration and excellence.

Knowledge Sharing

Commit to providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge across our members for the advancement of our profession.


Annual Awards

Provide an annual celebration of engineering excellence for our members and the engineering profession. The awards should show examples of excellence across our field.

Code committee representation

Promote the inclusion of our members on the development of best practices and codes of practice.


Public Events

Engage with the public through events which can celebrate the roles which structural engineers provide to the community and society.