Associate Members Network

Meet with like-minded engineers
Develop mutually beneficial relationships with your peers in other firms and leverage these connections to improve the quality of your career. Chat and exchange ideas, learnings and contacts.

Provide value to your network
Ensure a high quality experience for the whole network by providing feedback and suggestions. Promote collaboration and excellence across the whole profession.

Build industry engagement
Help to encourage new talent to join the profession. Support and mentor younger professionals and work towards building the skills of those coming into the industry behind you.

A quarterly event open to anyone to attend.

Social Network
We hold a couple of fun social events each year for Associate Members to get together.

Incentivising New Talent
Participate in career’s event for high schools and universities and inspire the next generation of potential structural engineers.

Best Practice
Provide discussion and feedback for the Structural Engineering industry about improvements to procedures, policies and systems and help keep the ACSE Practise Papers up to date.