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In June 2020, we launched our Lunch and Learn series providing our members the opportunity to learn directly from our Industry Partners about their products and services.

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2024 Presentations

Lunch and Learn AFS

Thursday 11 JULY 2024

Building with Permanent Formwork

Permanent formwork is reliable, quick, and easy to install, eliminating many complications associated with traditional formwork options. Additionally, it offers several design-related benefits.

Traditional wall construction methods, such as in-situ conventional formwork, blockwork, or precast concrete, are reliable and can meet regulatory requirements when constructed appropriately. However, they come with significant drawbacks. In-situ conventional formwork is often expensive and generates unnecessary waste; blockwork is slow and labour-intensive; and precast concrete formwork typically requires cranes, adding to the complexity and cost.


Stephen Nash, Senior Building Systems Engineer at CSR, along with Saad Younas, Building Systems Engineer at CSR, will explain the benefits of using permanent formwork as an alternative to traditional methods, with specific focus on compliance, AS3600-2018 Amendment 2, installation, detailing, verification, and concrete in relation to AFS Logicwall and AFS Rediwall systems.

2022 Presentations

Lunch and Learn INDUCTA

Thursday 08 Dec 2022

with Marko Jankulovski – Structural Engineer, Software Developer, INDUCTA

‘Fire design of columns using the INDUCTA software & EUROCODE 2 – 500oC Isotherm Method’

Coming early next year, the INDUCTA RCB and RCC software will be able to design columns using the 500oC Isotherm method from Eurocode 2. This presentation discusses the theory of the 500oC Isotherm method and provide examples. Practical considerations and limitations of the deemed to comply approach for fire design to AS 3600 will also be discussed (Tables 5.6.3, 5.6.4 and 5.7.2) as will the direct calculation equation for FRP (Eqn. 5.6.3(2)).

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn Reid Construction Systems
Thursday 01 Dec 2022

with Peter Kinsley – Structural Engineer (NSW/ACT/WA), Reid Construction Systems

‘Light Duty Pavements / Footpath best practice – Danley Pavex Ecosystem’

This presentation covers best practices from a neutral stand point, as well as covering the details of the PaveX system and our new PaveX Geared product, our articulated joint system designed to allow for movement caused by tree roots, preventing differential deflection, preventing trip hazards and preventing liability.

Lunch and Learn AFS Systems
Thursday 24 Nov 2022

with Stephen Nash, Senior Building Systems Engineer, CSR Ltd.

‘Advanced Blade Column Design with AFS Rediwall®’

In this lunch and learn session we will briefly introduce the new AFS Rediwall® design methodology for Blade Columns. AFS Rediwall® Blade Columns offer a simplified design and reinforcement detailing provides flexibility. The use of U-bar reinforcement instead of complex confinement ties significantly increase the speed of installation while continuing to meet the compliance requirements of AS3600-2018 Amendment 2 and the NCC. The key benefits of Rediwall® Blade Columns are:

  • Reduce construction cost
  • Offers great architectural flexibility
  • Simplify and speed up the installation

Presented by
Stephen Nash – Senior Building Systems Engineer, CSR Ltd.

BEng (Hons), Grad Dip Comp, MIE Aust.

Lunch and Learn BlockAid
Thursday 17 Nov 2022

with Chris Rafferty, Commercial Director

‘Bar chairs role in achieving compliance’

BlockAid Bar Chairs accurately locate the horizontal reinforcement as the blocks are laid and provide an aperture for the vertical reinforcement to be inserted into the wall, resulting in an accurate lattice of reinforcement throughout the entire wall, to achieve compliance to Australian Standard AS3700.

Australian Governments, Engineers and Certifiers have a vested interest to specify the mandatory use of “bar chairs for blockwork” to improve work practice and achieve compliance for block walls. When bar chairs are specified, engineers can be assured that reinforced masonry will be constructed to best practice and will give block layers a simple means to achieve compliance that will actually save them time on the job.

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn Penetron
Thursday 10 Nov 2022

with Hacene Baleh, National Technical Manager

‘Learn new simple ways in concrete remediation.’

Learn a little more about concrete, why it deteriorates, and how to repair some of the most common failures or simply protect or rejuvenate the unavoidable aged and worn-out concrete.

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn Penetron
Thursday 26 May 2022

with Hacene Baleh, National Technical Manager

‘Waterproofing and durability of Water treatment structures including sewage’

Concrete deteriorates for many different reasons and could start as early as 5 years, and the most known are as follows: Reinforcement corrosion (Mainly due to chloride ions, and/or carbonation in the presence of water and oxygen), freeze and thaw, the internal Alkali Silica Reactions, the external chemical attacks, and the Microbially Induced Corrosion (MIC) caused by the AcidiThioBacillus TheoOxidans (Cement eaters) and AcidiThioBacillus FerroOxidans (Steel eaters). Penetron explains how they occur and offer solutions on how to prevent them from happening in the first place, hence extending the life of the structure even beyond the design life.

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn Peikko
Thursday 19 May 2022

with Harri Onikki, Technical Sales Manager

Peikko DELTABEAM® slim floor structure with Timber construction

DELTABEAM® enables open spaces and slim floors with timber slabs. DELTABEAM® composite beams allows combining a renewable and ecological material, wood, with two of the strongest materials, steel and concrete. DELTABEAM® is an excellent solution for creating a slim floor structure with wooden slabs. Peikko also presents latest innovations for connections of timber structures.

Lunch and Learn SRIA
Thursday 12 May 2022

with Scott Munter, SRIA Executive Director

AS 3600 structural integrity reo, fitment options & high strength reinforcing steel

SRIA highlights some of the most recent market issues discovered in the design and detailing of structural integrity reinforcement and also fitment options in AS 3600:2018. A recent reinforcing steel technical enquiry concerning approval of the 14 mm diameter non-compliant imported reinforcement is examined along with simple SRIA recommendations to demonstrate conforming materials to AS/NZS 4671 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. A newly discovered international video showing bent reinforcing bars fracturing in a brittle manner on rebending is also included. A high level overview of the high strength reinforcing steel requirements in AS/NZS 4671 plus the AS 3600 design requirements are included for interest and discussion.

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn INDUCTA
Thursday 05 May 2022

with Marko Jankulovski, Structural Engineer/Software Developer


INDUCTA recently released the free Wall Design & Schedule update for RCB allowing the design engineer to quickly perform an automated, comprehensive wall design to AS 3600 – 2018 AMDTs No. 1 & No. 2.

Using customisable Design Settings, the engineer has complete control of the design. Results can be displayed in elevation, 3D, section, as reports and be exported as a wall schedule ready for drafting.

This session introduces this new tool covering the keys concepts and functionality.

View the presentation slides HERE

Lunch and Learn Ultrafloor
Thursday 24 February 2022

with Richard Lorenzin, Civil Engineer/Sales Manager


This presentation focuses on the use of the Ultrafloor precast flooring system in roof structures. The design, detailing and product application will be covered using two recent reference projects. These being the National Herbarium in Mount Annan and the new subterranean Arthur Boyd Art Gallery on the Shoalhaven River.

Lunch and Learn Reid Construction Systems
Thursday 17 February 2022

with Andrew McFarland and Peter Kinsley


This presentation covers the correct design of cog anchorage and headed anchorages; strength (direct tension, moment enhancements and shear), ductility, integrity and serviceability crack control.

We also look at rebate systems and connections types for applications – slabs, stair landings and beams. We share some case studies and comparisons to design of pull-out boxes.

View the presentation slides HERE

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