Resources and Member Documents

Annual Reports and Business Documents

The ACSE NSW Annual General Meeting is held in spring each year, core business includes approval of new members, appointment of new board directors and presentation of the annual report. Copies of the AGM minutes and annual reports are available below:

The ACSE NSW is governed by Articles of Association which set out the powers, rights and obligations of the company’s members and senior officeholders. These were last updated in October 2019.

Special Projects

Structural Certifications

Since 2017 the ACSE Board have been running a special project monitoring the acceptance of structural certificates by certifying authorities.
For more information on our Structural Certification Project, CLICK HERE

The Design and Building Practitioners Act 2021

The ACSE Board has been participating in meetings regarding the Design and Building Practitioners Act, coming into effect in 2021.
To read our response to the D&BP Act, CLICK HERE