Charity Partner

Partner Housing Australasia (Building) Incorporated is a volunteer-run organisation who work with families, volunteers and donors to provide building services, financial assistance and nurture the provision of affordable housing and village infrastructure to those in need in across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Partner Housing provides pro-bono professional engineering, architectural and building services and funding to other organisations involved in village housing, clinics, schools, water supply, sanitation and infrastructure in developing countries. Offering two basic services:

  1. Pro-Bono Design and Help-Desk Engineering Services to other NGOs and governments of smaller Pacific countries.
  2. Finance, design, materials supply and supervisor mentoring for village construction projects.

Current construction programs include:

  • Solomon Islands: Water supply and latrine construction. Partner: Ranongga Community Association
  • Papua New Guinea: Affordable house, classroom and clinic construction in villages near Mount Hagen. Partner: Vision for Homes
  • Fiji: House construction as part of the Cyclone Winston rebuilding. Partner: Habitat for Humanity Fiji
  • Philippines: Basic Shelter and latrine construction as part of Typhoon Yolanda rebuilding. Partner: Save Gibitngil Island Association

ACSE looks forward to a productive and fruitful relationship with them.